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Sisters working together to add beauty to the world (June 2017)

Designs make wheelchairs a work of art

sisters with winning wheelchair designs



Take the Pledge Show Respect (March 2017)

Spread the Word to End the Word

Spread the Word to End the Word



Nike (March 2017)

Nike Improves Shoe Accessibility

Nike shoe

Thank you Ed Roberts (January 2017)

Google Doodle Honors Disability Activist Ed Roberts

Google Doodle Ed Roberts



The importance of SCOTUS (October 2016)

A Girl and Her Service Dog Head to the Supreme Court

Ehlena and her dog Wonder



What do you think about Inspiration Porn? (August 2016)

How to Avoid Inspiration Porn When Talking About Disability



You can't Google who your kid is going to be (September 2015)

To the New Parents Googling Their Baby's Down Syndrome Diagnosis



From my home state of Delaware (August 2015)

Gap Model is Delaware Girl with Down Syndrome

model kayla kosmalski



Way to go Nike (July 2015)

Nike Unveils Shoes for People with Special Needs

Lebron James and FlyEase inspiration



Good news from my current home state (July 2015)

New Law Eliminates R-word from Indiana Code



Admirable courage and love among siblings (July 2015)

When I Stood Up To My Drill Instructor About Using the R-word

brothers hugging



More employment opportunities for those with disabilities - including modeling (July 2015)

This Amazing Model with Down Syndrome Just Scored Her First Ad Campaign

madeline stuart



Some people may not understand this line of thinking, but I do (May 2015)

5 Things That Matter More to me Than How Smart My Children Are



Inclusion in art galleries (May 2015)

Do Touch the Artwork at Prado's Exhibit for the Blind

man touching a 3d image of the Mona Lisa



Movie Featuring an Actor with Down Syndrome Set to Release (May 2015)

Where Hope Grows

Actor David DeSanctis



More sibling lessons and love - this time in the sport of golf (April 2015)

Jordan Spieth's biggest prize for winning the Masters - telling his sister he won

jordan speith and his siblings



In honor of World Down Syndrome Day, 3/21, take the pledge to spread the word to end the word

Take the Pledge:

and enjoy these beautiful faces (March 2015)

21 Beautiful Faces of Down Syndrome From Around the World




Compassion and Humanity - from Rock Stars (March 2015)

What Adam Levine Did For a Boy With Down Syndrome Will Make You a Fan

maroon five with boy with down syndrome



Wow - Isn't this family lucky! (March 2015

This family won the Trisomy 21 Lottery - three times

three siblings with Down syndrome



Great to see the media with more variety (January 2015)

Super Bowl Ad Features Girl With Down Syndrome

girl with down syndrome in super bowl ad



A mother making a difference for her daughter and more (January 2015):

Sweet education on Down syndrome is the icing on the cupcake

Cristina with cupcakes at her mother's bakery named after her



Police officers including and understanding people with disabilities (December 2014):

Roanoke City Police see success teaming with special needs cadets

Roanoke City Police with cadets with special needs


Inspiration with technology (November 2014):

Man With Down Syndrome Inspires Using Technology

Man with Down syndrome instructing students



Basketball star Elena Delle Donne shares her experience with bullying and the inspiration she gets from her sister with a disability (October 2014):

No One Should Have to Go Through the Bullying That I Did

elena delle donne



A physician shares the impact his brother with Down syndrome continues to have on his life (October 2014)

October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month

brothers then and now

Brothers then...and brothers now.



Great way to celebrate a birthday (September 2014):

Avril Lavigne Kicks Off Fundraising Campaign to Support Special Olympics

Avril Lavigne



Actor has a child with Down syndrome and an important message (August 2014):

John C. McGinley's message for health care providers

John C McGinley with son



Great video by John Legend (July 2014):

John Legend's "You and I (Nobody in the world)" Video Will Make You Hug Your Mother, Wife, Daughter

mother and daughter from John Legend You and I video


Some helpful tips (June 2014):

10 Things You Should Never Say to a Mother of a Child with Down Syndrome

mom and baby


A story of true friendship (June 2014):

Clemson commit Kelly Bryant and Special Olympics Athlete: 'They've crossed every boundary.'

Kelly and Tanner in the pool



Stanley Cup winning coach has a warmer side too (June 2014):

LA Kings Coach Darryl Sutter opens up about his son with Down Syndrome

LA Kings Head Coach Darryl Sutter


Lauren Potter working hard to live her dreams (June 2014):

I'm Taking a Stand to Make My Difference in the World

Acress Lauren Potter from Glee



Thanks to Team Hoyt for the memories and the inspiration (April 2014):

One Last Boston Marathon For Legendary Father-Son Team

Team Hoyt father and son



Filmmaker Chris Dowling, "...the only limitation that people with Down syndrome have are the ones we put on them." (April 2014):

Dallas Filmmaker on Accidentally Writing a Story About Down Syndrome

two lead actors from movie Produce



Great video of Dayton's Devin Oliver - a talented basketball player with wonderful parents and a special sister (March 2014):

Dayton's Devin Miller Shares Special Bond With Younger Sister Miya

Devin Miller playing basketball with his sister Miya



Great work in the advertising industry with (March 2014):

Mom Aims To Make Advertising More Inclusive

mom and child



Great piece on the r-word by WNBA star and Delaware native Elena Delle Donne (March 2014):

Let's Pledge To Respect People Like My Sister

Elena Delle Donne with Special Olympic Athletes



Social media can be a good thing when it leads to stories like this one (Feb. 2014):

Viral Video Leads To Deal For Teen With Down Syndrome

and then:

Teen With Down Syndrome To Play For Harlem Globetrotters

Kevin Grow and 76ers teammmates



Sisters bonding and making a difference - one person at a time (Feb. 2014):

Pageant Sisters: Campaigning Against the "R" Word

Pageant sisters



Former Iowa defensive back Matt Bowen learned so much more than football from his coach Norm Parker (Jan. 2014):

Norm Parker Saved My Life

Matt Bowen and his son



What does what we think is beautiful say about us? (Jan. 2014):

Fashion Photographer Focuses On Those With Genetic Conditions To Reframe Beauty

Photo of girl



A Grandmother finds love in her new work (Jan. 2014):

This Grandmother Started A Fashion Line For People With Down Syndrome

Grandmother with granddaughter



Good explanation of why presumed competence should be the Golden Rule, the Prime Directive or Square One especially in relation to education by Rob Rummel-Hudson (Jan. 2014):

On Competency and Agency



Great news from sports writer Paul Daugherty - his daughter is getting married (Dec. 2013):

Jillian the Magnificent is Getting Married



Dan Aykroyd shows that different is not bad (Dec. 2013):

Dan Aykroyd Reveals He Has Asperger and Tourette's

Dan Aykroyd



Seeing opportunities not obstacles (Dec. 2013):

Manager Motivates Penn State's Men's Basketball Team


Great show of spontaneous connecting and giving (Dec. 2013):

Zach Randolph Gives Lucky Fan The Shirt Off His Back During Grizzlies Game

zach randolph and fan



Animals are amazing (Nov. 2013):

Canine Named "Dog of the Year" for Helping Boy With Autism




Actor with Down Syndrome in new movie (Nov. 2013):

Young Man With Down Syndrome in New Movie "Produce" Due Out in 2014




Katy Perry creates a special night at the AMA (Nov. 2013):

Teen With Down Syndrome Walks Red Carpet With Katy Perry



High school talent show singer gets a surprise on stage (Nov. 2013):

Darius Rucker Makes Surprise Appearance to Sing With High School Talent Show Entrant Frankie Antonelli



#InspiredBy from NBC's Savannah Guthrie - her Uncle Pierre (Nov. 2013):

NBC's Savannah Guthrie's Inspiration



Runner with Down syndrome and his friend run the New York City Marathon together. What amazing things we can accomplish interdependently (Nov. 2013):

First runner with Down syndrome finishes NYC Marathon




Making art accessible to more visitors around the country and the world (Oct. 2013):

Welcoming Art Lovers With Disabilities




Teddy Kremer, a young man with Down syndrome, gets a baseball yard with the Cincinnati Reds in the latest update series (Oct. 2013):

2103 Topps Update Series: Teddy Kremer baseball card




A mom shares some ideas for how to ask questions (Oct. 2013):

How To Ask Questions About My Child With Special Needs



Will and Kate accept painting by an artist with Down syndrome for Prince George (Sept. 2013):

Will and Kate Fight Stigma Against Down Syndrome in Beautiful Way

painting to will and kate



Kids with disabilities can do amazing things like this young man (March 2013):

Oregon teen is first person with Down syndrome to reach Mount Everest base camp

oregon teen reaches mount everest base camp



Having a child with Down syndrome may come as a surprise, but it’s a good experience, families are reporting in a trio of new surveys (Sept. 2011):

Down Syndrome Study Finds Families are Happy



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I was in the cast of the Listen to Your Mother Northwest Indiana show (May 2014):

Listen To Your Mother NW Indiana 2014, Deborah Leigh Norman reading "Departing Holland"

LTYM logo 2014



Monday Coffee and Other Stories of Mothering Children with Special Needs guest blog (Oct. 2013):

Keep Calm

keep calm



World Down Syndrome Day - Journal Gazette (Oct. 2012):

World Down Syndrome Day